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We are a a non-profit community inspiring the modern marketing heroes of tomorrow and connecting the industry leaders of today.  Meet the TMMPDX team:

Lisa Peyton, Executive Editor TMMPDX.COM

Lisa Peyton, Executive Editor

Lisa Peyton is one of the top digital marketers in the Pacific Northwest, serving as Executive Editor for Portland’s Internet marketing resource TMMPDX.COM. She has created and implemented digital strategies for companies such as Toyota, Intel, Power Rangers and Lightspeed Systems. Lisa was a pioneer in the social media industry, capitalizing on the power of social media to increase her clients’ online visibility and overall marketing efforts. Lisa specializes in comprehensive digital strategies including social media strategy and development, search engine optimization,  paid social media advertising, social media monitoring and social media training and consulting.

Lisa was also an early Twitter user and has launched several successful Twitter campaigns. She was nominated for a SoMe Award for the work she did for West Cafe, helping the struggling restaurant keep it’s doors open during the recession. Lisa was also recognized for her portrayal of Mad Men character Bobbie Barrett on Twitter. Tweeting as the hit TV show’s notorious vixen – along with Peggy Olson, Don Draper and Jimmy Barrett – garnered national attention and a SAMMY Award Nomination.

 Contact: lisa@tmmpdx.com
Google+: gplus.to/LisaPeyton
Twitter: @LisaPeyton
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/lisapeyton
Web: http://www.lisapeyton.com/
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Jen Peck, Director of Business Strategy

Jennifer Peck,  Director of Business Strategy  for
TMMPDX.COM offers today’s digital marketers nearly 15 years of marketing, sales and management expertise.  She is currently Director of Outbound Programs at AFS Intercultural Programs, USA, where she pioneered email marketing, website content enhancements and social media strategies.  She currently integrates digital and traditional marketing into program operations.  Jennifer understands the challenges and opportunities of today’s in-house marketer including proving ROI to sell digital marketing internally, staying abreast of the latest online trends and tools, and most importantly, creating a multi-channel user experience for customer acquisition, conversion and retention.  Jennifer is a resource for non-profits, private sector companies, small businesses and marketing agencies which are using online marketing and organizational development to drive success.  Jennifer brings a breadth and depth of expertise in developing high achieving teams through hiring and training, project management, as well as facilitation and training.  Jennifer is also the project manager for the SoMe Awards, Portland’s social media awards.

Contact: jen@tmmpdx.com
Twitter: @jenpeck76
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferpeck

Throughly Modern Marketing's Daniela Aruajo

Daniela Araujo, Senior Editor


Daniela Araujo has over 7  years of experience in the online marketing industry. Her online marketing experience covers a broad spectrum of small to enterprise level businesses: from education and technology to tourism, real estate, automotive, financial and e-commerce. Daniela currently works at White Horse,  an interactive advertising agency in Portland, OR. She  manages  Paid Search, SEO and Display campaigns.   She got her start as a Jr. Account Manager at ValueClick Media in 2005, managing and optimizing display ads campaigns. She also worked as a Paid Search Account Manager at LessonPlanet.com and as a Search Strategist at EngineWorks Inc.

Contact: daniela@tmmpdx.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/danielaaraujo

Amanda Bernard, Senior Editor

Amanda Bernard, Senior Editor

Amanda Bernard has over 6 years of experience in multimedia marketing and advertising including online marketing and traditional media. As co-owner of a graphic design studio in Los Angeles, Amanda oversaw all marketing and advertising for the studio. She then headed to the East Coast to join an advertising and PR agency as Media Manager, where her role was to develop and implement multimedia advertising strategies and work closely with media representatives to negotiate advertising contracts for clients. But Amanda was again drawn to the West Coast and she was immediately hired as a Paid Search & SEO Account Manager at a search engine marketing agency in Portland, Oregon, where she solely managed all aspects of PPC & SEO campaigns for some of the agency’s top clients. Amanda has since moved on to working  at ISITE Design as their Director of Digital Marketing. Amanda is passionate about search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and developing cutting-edge marketing strategies across multimedia platforms.

Contact: amanda@tmmpdx.com
Twitter: @amandabernard
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/abernard



Joe Snell, Technical Director

Joe Snell is a Front End Developer and Digital Strategist and a Portland Native. For over a decade, he developed, deployed and managed all digital marketing and strategy for a local business. For the past few years, Joe has spent time fine tuning his craft at Portland State University while working on several side projects. Joe specializes in responsive web design and mobile internet development. He is also experienced in developing and managing WordPress sites. You can find more about Joe at joesnellpdx.com.

Currently, Joe is thrilled to be the Technical Director for Thoroughly Modern Marketing. In addition to maintaining the site, Joe is working on improvements that will enhance our user experience. Where you might find him: Timbers match at the Jelly, Backpacking the Cascades or coaching youth soccer.

Contact: joesnellpdx@gmail.com
Twitter: @joesnellpdx
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/joesnellpdx
Web: http://www.joesnellpdx.com

Heather English Digital Marketing Consultant

Heather English, Director Digital Marketing

Heather is a Digital Marketing Consultant assisting various agencies and brands with digital marketing strategy throughout the Portland Metro area. Heather has a diverse background in data management, analytics, social media, and writing. She is a graduate of the Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate Program at Portland State University. Heather is quite active, volunteering for many of Portland’s premiere digital marketing events. You can often find her hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, catching a local live show, or planning her next travels.

Contact: henglish83@gmail.com
Twitter: @Heather_English
Google+: gplus.to/HeatherEnglish

                                           LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/henglish83

James C. Smith, Partnership Director

James C. Smith, Partnership Director


James comes to digital marketing with over 15 years of experience as an industry analyst and market intelligence manager at companies like Gartner Group and Deloitte analyzing Technology sector markets and companies. James is focused on using technology to answer questions, solve problems and measure results with an emphasis on social media and analytics tools. Recently, James completed the Portland State Digital Marketing Strategies certificate program.

When not immersed in the digital world, you can find James enjoying all things Portland: craft beer, food carts, and Trail Blazer basketball.

Contact: jsmithberk@comcast.net
Twitter: @JamesC_Smith
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamescsmithpdx

Joel Bornzin, Director of Special Projects

Joel Bornzin, Director of Special Projects


Joel has studied digital marketing and multimedia content strategies at the USC Marshall School of Business and most recently completed the program for Digital Marketing Strategies at Portland State University.

Joel Bornzin is currently the Online Marketing Manager for CRKT, working with the world’s finest roster of Knife Designers including Ken Onion, Kit Carson, and Brian Tighe. Joel is responsible for the all of the company’s digital marketing channels, including social media promotions and community management.


Contact: Joel@tmmpdx.com
Twitter: @JoelBornzin
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/joelbornzin



Hannah Meuser, Associated Editor National Events

Hannah Meuser, Associated Editor National Events


Hannah Meuser is our National Events Associate Editor and excited to be beginning her career in digital marketing. She received her degree in Business Marketing and Spanish, and recently completed the Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate Program at Portland State University. Originally from North Carolina, Hannah moved to Portland three years ago and has since been enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. A lover of the Great Outdoors, you can often find her snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and camping.


Contact: hannah.meuser@gmail.com
Twitter: @Hannah Meuser
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/hannahmeuser

Julie Grove, Associate Editor TMMPDX.COM

Julie Grove, Associate Editor



Associate Editor Julie Grove is currently a senior at the University of Oregon, graduating March 2014.  She is a French major with Business and European Studies minors.  She recently discovered her passion for marketing and dove right into the marketing field.  During the school year, Julie is a supervisor for the University of Oregon Annual Giving Program, fundraising more than $50,000 for academics in the last two years.  This summer, she is the marketing intern for Catalyst IT Services in Beaverton.  In her free time, you can find her trying new recipes, working out, and spending time with friends and family.

Contact: julie.grove@rocketmail.com
Twitter: @Julie_Grove



Wendy Hwang, Associate Editor Local Events

Wendy Hwang, founder of Flock Media Connections, enjoys helping businesses engage and grow their online community through social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and internet advertising (PPC). She uses her 4 years of digital marketing experience, degrees in marketing, communications, and her certificate for digital marketing strategy from Portland State University to get businesses to achieve their online marketing goals. She also enjoys serving as associate editor for Thoroughly Modern Marketing (TMM) and feature writer of digital marketing events happening in Portland, OR.

When not online Wendy enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking, and traveling.

Contact: Wendy@FlockMediaConnections.com
Twitter: @Wendy_Hwang
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/wendyhwangpdx
Web: http://www.FlockMediaConnections.com/


Michael Munkvold, TMM Staff Writer

Michael Munkvold, TMM Staff Writer

Michael Munkvold is a professional writer with a background in journalism, technical writing and copy writing. He has written articles for such publications as Willamette Week, beportland.com and techwhirl.com, and created digital ads for companies such as Beauty and the Beach Swimwear and Era House Plans.

He studied journalism at University of Oregon and Technical Writing at Portland State University.


Contact: Michaelmunkvold@gmail.com


Jessica Chang, Staff Writer


Jessica is an avid blogger and digital media enthusiast. She currently writes about her passions including marketing, food and fitness. You can learn more about her and her posts at www.jessicakimchang.com and on her food blog, MeatEats.com.

Contact: jessicakimchang@gmail.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/user/jessicachang