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It’s been an exciting week in the world of digital marketing, and there have been some interesting developments that businesses should be aware of. Here are some of the top marketing news stories you may have missed this week.

First, the social media marketing platform, Tmmtops, released an update that allows businesses to create custom landing pages and optimize campaigns for retargeting, targeting, and conversion tracking. This update provides businesses with more control over their campaigns and allows them to better track the impact of their efforts.

Second, a new report from the Content Marketing Institute revealed that content marketing is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses. The report found that small businesses were twice as likely to use content marketing than larger businesses, and that the majority of small business content marketers are using a mix of organic and paid tactics.

Third, a survey from the American Marketing Association …

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This week, the world of modern marketing has seen some exciting trends and news that have industry insiders buzzing. Here’s a look at some of the top headlines you may have missed this week.

1. Google Ads Launches New Target CPA Bidding Option: Google Ads has launched a new Target CPA Bidding option that allows advertisers to set a target cost-per-action (CPA) and have Google Ads optimize bids across all the devices and platforms to reach that target. This can help marketers focus their budget on getting the most conversions for their campaigns.

2. Apple and Facebook Partner for App Install Ads: Apple and Facebook have announced a partnership that will allow marketers to use Apple’s App Store search ads to promote Facebook app install ads. This partnership will allow marketers to target app users on both platforms and make it easier to reach potential new customers.

3. Instagram Adds …

Increase Seo Utilizing Content On Facebookexample Product Picture 3 Googletrackback

In recent years, the importance of social media as a tool for increasing SEO has become more and more evident. As the primary platform for content sharing, Facebook offers a great opportunity for businesses to increase their SEO by utilizing content on the platform. This can be done through the use of product pictures, Google tracking, and other strategies.

Product pictures can be a great way to increase SEO by utilizing content on Facebook. By posting product pictures on the platform, users can get an idea of what a business is offering and find out more information about it. This can help increase visibility and drive more traffic to a company’s website. Additionally, product pictures can be used to showcase a company’s services or products and make them stand out from the competition.

Another effective way to increase SEO by utilizing content on Facebook is through Google tracking. By using …

Hong Kong’s Shui On Land forms JV for Shanghai redevelopment project

The group operates in regions such as the mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Mongolia.

Shanghai Pucheng and Shui On Land have formed a joint venture for redevelopment of Pujiang Town, a popular tourist spot located in the Minhang district of Shanghai, China. The project will see the redevelopment of Zhaojia Lou Ancient Town, an AAAA rated tourist attraction. This area stretches from Jiageng Road in the east, to Yaojia Bang in the south, Huichi Road to the west and Xiaoyan Lake in the north.

The joint venture will develop this land into a new landmark of Shanghai, with residential, commercial and ancillary facilities. This project will preserve the unique history and culture of Pujiang Town. Shui On Land is the property development company of the Shui On Group, a building-materials and construction firm, which has been involved in urban renewal projects with proven capabilities in master planning, cultural preservation, …

Five-bedder at Parc Stevens sold for $2.65 mil profit

A unit at Parc Stevens, located off Stevens Road in prime District 10, fetched the most profitable condo resale transaction recorded during the week of April 4 to 11 based on caveats lodged. The 3,466 sq ft, five-bedroom unit sold for a whopping $7.86 million ($2,265 psf) on April 10. This marks the highest psf-price recorded at the development and the first unit to change hands there this year. The seller had purchased the unit for $5.2 million ($1,500 psf) in April 2007 – which means they netted a profit of $2.65 million (51%) after holding the unit for an impressive 16 years.

Meanwhile, the most unprofitable transaction recorded during the same week was the sale of a four-bedroom unit at Marina Bay Suites. The 2,680 sq ft unit on the 25th floor changed hands for $5.25 million ($1,959 psf) on April 10. The seller had bought the unit from …

EL Development draws 4,000 at three-day preview of Blossoms By The Park

and The Star Vista on its launch on April 14, Blossoms By The Park has seen huge interest from potential buyers. About 4,000 people have visited the sales gallery over the past three days, most of them locals, according to Lim Yew Soon, the Managing Director of EL Development.

The response to the project has been enthusiastic, and prices are expected to be in the $2,350 to $2,400 psf range, according to Ken Low, the Managing Partner of SRI.

The project boasts a number of attractive features, among them its location in one-north, a three-minute walk to Buona Vista MRT Interchange Station and a five-minute stroll to The Star Vista mall, as well as its proximity to Fairfield Methodist School and the Greater Southern Waterfront.

The 275-unit private condo offers a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom premium units, with prices starting at $1.291 million ($2,352 psf) …